1. Coverage

  • Our terms and conditions apply to contracts made either by telephone, e-mail, our website, third parties websites or personally between the hostel and guest, for letting rooms, beds and further services of the hostel. The hostel has the right to exercise its property rights if guests do not honour our house rules or are purposely destructive.

  • Minimum age to stay at our hostel is 18, unless accompanied by an adult and staying in a private room.

  • No Toronto GTA residents as we are committing to travelers.

2. Conclusion of contract

  • Contracts are in force either orally or written. Renting a room or bed to a third party is forbidden.

3. Deposit, Prices and Payment

  • Guests are asked to pay immediately at check-in either by cash, credit card or debit card.

  • Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax –HST is 13%, this will be charged to the guest at check-in. If there are three months between the booking and arrival time, the hostel can raise the arranged prices of a concluded contract, should the hostel have changed its prices during the stated period of time. Changes of booking of any kind (number of beds, rooms, duration or other services) allows the hostel to change prices accordingly.

  • As stipulated, the agreement between the guest and the Hostel Toronto, may charge a sum of the first night of your stay or 10% (which one is greater) of the total amount of your stay as a deposit of the mutually agreed total amount – this to be paid no matter if the booking is done verbally or written. The deposit is due the same day of your booking date.

  • No reservation will be activated without a credit card deposit. Walk-ins are accepted with a credit card to their name.

  • Lets Bunk has the right to charge the complete first night for a cancellation under 24 hours.

  • Lets Bunk reserve all the rights to change the price without any notice .

4. Bed, room and common areas.

  • Check-in time is from 3 pm to 10:00 pm Check-out time is at 12 pm at the latest on the arranged day of departure (late check-out will be charged $5 per ½ hour).

  • Guests can enjoy our facilities on their check-out day including luggage storage, but must remove their belongings from the room at check-out time.

  • If rooms are left particularly untidy, a cleaning charge of CAD $10 will be added.

  • Booked beds or rooms are available to all guests at 3 pm on the day of arrival.

  • Guest dorm beds are meant for one person only. No guest shall bring an additional person into their bed.

  • Financial penalties will be charged for excessive mess or staining.

5. Bookings

  • For group reservations, contact our front desk at +1647 687 0263

  • The person who makes a reservation for a group will be financial responsible for all the actions of the group.

6. Cancellation and non-arrivals

  • Cancellations are possible as long as they are made by 12 pm of the day before the date of arrival. In this case the reservations through our website we will refund 100% of the deposit paid. Bookings through a third party website must be retrieved from that booking site by the guest as we have not received any portion of those funds.

  • Non-arrival for reservations will be charged for the first day of stay and the reservation will be cancelled.

7. Hostel cancellation

  • The hostel has the right to eliminate a contract in a situation in which Lets Bunk is unable to provide full service due to extreme circumstances such fire, flood, etc. In any case Hostel Toronto will provide assistance to re accommodate your stay in another hostel in the city.

  • False applications such as a name, address and bank details, free the hostel from carrying out a contract.

8. Loss or damage of items. Hostel liability

  • Personal and other belongings are carried at the guests own risk.

  • The hostel has no guard or safe-keeping duty and no responsibility over lost or damaged items.

  • The insurance of items brought to the hostel are of the guests concern. This includes vehicles, and the objects within them, which are parked on the hostel car park.


  9. Dispute

  •  In case of any dispute between the guests, any or all the parties involved will be asked to leave the premises immediately .

  • Guests who are drunk will not be allowed inside the hostel .

  • Lets Bunk also reserves the right to remove any guest from the premises for making other guests uncomfortable in any way or form.


10. Improve our service

  • The guest is obliged to make any complaints directly to our staff. The staff will do their best to remedy the situation, the sooner you tell us the sooner we can improve your stay.



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